Tuesday, 21 June 2011

netball articles

beginners guide to netball:
1. Start with a few laps of the court. Nothing too strenuous, what you're looking for here is just enough to get a sheen of sweat. Dynamic stretching is a good way of combining stretching with a warm up. These stretches that are combined with movement, such as lunges, push ups and sit-ups.

2. Zig zag drills. Players run from cones to cones laid out in a zig zag pattern. This drill focuses on drastic changes in direction. ( makes the players more alert)

3.  Have a couple of balls passed in a line so that the players can practice catching and throwing to and from one another.(chest pass, underarm pass, lobs and bounce pass.)

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Sunday, 29 May 2011

netball video

the commonwealth games(netball match)

netball pictures

Malawi (red) playing Fiji (blue)
at the 2006 Commonwealth Games

the parts of a netball court

the bibs the netball players wear


      a game of netball is almost like a game of basketball . for basketball, you are allowed to dribble a ball to another spot in the court but for netball, we are only allowed to hold the ball in our hands staying in the same spot when landed (jumped for the ball and land).
     when landing, the foot which landed first cannot be moved. the foot that is allowed to be moved is the foot which landed after the first foot which have landed. this rule is called stepping.

     in a competitive game, 2 teams of 7 players are required. (Goal Keeper (GK), Goal Defence (GD), Wing Defence (WD), Center (C), Wing Attack (WA), Goal Attack (GA) and Goal Shooter (GS)the players wear 'bibs' to show their position that they are playing).

     the Players are restricted to certain areas on the court as determined by their position. GA and GS are the only players allowed in the attacking shooting circle( the semi-circle) and therefore are the only players that are allowed to shoot for goal. GS is restricted to the third that includes the shooting circle.( the netball court has 3 parts).the GK is suppose to defend the GS of the other team, to make sure that the ball doesn't go into the goal. GD should be defending the GA of the other team while WD should be defending the WA of the other team.